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'Autonomy' is the debut EP by Sydney/Wollongong Based band PORTRAITS. Coming off the release of their first single 'Fury', the boys have stepped it up for this release with more variety, experimentation, samples, grooves and an over all heavier sound.


released November 25, 2016

- Adam Richard Jordan @ Main Street Studios for recording, mixing and mastering

- Music in CreativeCommons 3.0 by
- Kevin MacLeod
- Mike Koenig Sounds
- Headphaze

NOTE: The backing tracks and horror samples have been edited and added to with other samples and will not sound exactly like the ones included in the above links!



all rights reserved


PORTRAITS Sydney, Australia

PORTRAITS are a heavy, 5 piece band from Sydney Australia. Debut EP 'Autonomy' out now via Bandcamp/iTunes/ Spotify/Youtube

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Track Name: Catharsis
So take the pity from my bones,
And the diamonds from my eyes,
From my fucking eyes,
Tie this noose around my fucking throat
Track Name: Valiance (feat Rhys Benn)
I’m alive,
Born into this decaying dream
Of an unbroken family,
My mind was once filled with uncertainty,
And is now rotting and festered with insanity
If all i see is but a dream within a dream,
How can i trust these eyes,
The black and white scenes they see,
It’s all but a fallacy, i plead,
Let me dream

So come on then
Try and bury me
In a grave
Six feet deep
I’ll mark these words into my memories,
I’m no longer the man who has lost everything

These scars are faded, and my hatreds
Subsided at last

My feet are planted firmly right on the floor,
I am guided now forevermore

Get up get up
No longer jaded
Wake up Wake up
Don’t lose yourself again
I know I know
It’s hard to hear above the sounds of the whole world crashing down

Down into the depths of human suffering
Falling into the mesh of mortal misery
The intricacies of my own fragmented mentality,
Are the demons that for me, truly live and breathe
(They truly live and breathe)

Let me proclaim
This is the moment that i declare (i declare),
My bravery once more into the open air (open air),
This is my eulogy, I’ll say goodbye to sorrow,
I will fight another day, i will see tomorrow

I will fight to survive ,and live to see the day,
When my bleak horizon at last, finally, melts away
Track Name: Disillusioned
My God, What have i become?
A perfect mockery of the stories that you spun,
Piecing together these childhood memories,
I see now we were just playing make-believe,
Everything you ever wanted me to be,
I’’m burdened by the path you forced me to lead,
All i ever wanted was to just be me
This fairytale life just is not for me

Torn in two
I’ve misconstrued,
The meaning of what it means
To “just be you”

I’ve become filled with disillusionment
It weighs me down, like some kind of cement
These cryptic words will be my last lament
I love you, but you never understood what i meant
It was in me,
that you placed your dreams,
Of fixing your own shattered self esteem,
I won’t believe,
this is the reality of the fairytale portrait that you painted me

This is a parable, and i am the prince,
I’ve been running from my knights and living on my sins,
All i ever wanted was a life away from life,
I just need a purpose towards which i could strive

Can i ever dissever some god damn solace from this cold, cruel world that has left me hopeless,
When we’re born, we’re all told we’re so god damn special,
Now i know we all suffer,
Same hell, different levels,
I chose to stray
Track Name: Possession (feat Simon Kuiper)
FFrom the second we are born,
We claw our way up from the dirt,
No sense to tell a soul,
I’m falling apart, at the seams of my dreams
Due to my unstable genes
This is the end to all i am

I'll throw away my filthy name
And slowly begin to pave the way to my loney grave
I’m locked inside myself and i’ve thrown away the key
I’ve been begging on my knees
Of course, You all abandoned me
These threatening thoughts,
They slowly cloud my mind,
Why can’t you see your just like me, catastrophe,
She plays a mournful melody to contrast death’s rhapsody

I am disenthralled and i am decaying
From this unstable state of being, that i’ve been in
For so long, i’ve been fleeing, running from myself
Seeking some kind of answer, Walking through this nightmare within a dream,
I’ve lost all hope it seems,
Searching for hope, in the depths of gods mouth
He begins to inhale, and i feel my soul,
Ripped from my chest, I resisted my best,
There’s just nothing left to say

Falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole
Wondering how far it can fucking go
I’m looking for the light at the end of the tunnel
Dear god, I need an end to my internal struggle

Insects crawl under my skin
I’ve lost myself again
I feel the virus inside my cells awake
And my skin begins to melt away
Now i say farewell to my own humanity

Run from me,
I said,
Run from me,
I-just run
From me
I please
Run from me
I just

Run from me,
I just run from me
I please,
Run from me,
I just run,
From me

Run from me,
I-just run from me
I'm fading,
Just run,
I-just run,
From me
I-just run,
From me,
Please just run,
from me
Please just run,
From me
I just run,
From me
I just run

This is the end of me,
I've become everything i never wanted to be
This is eternity
I cover my eyes as i fall to me knees